Expert Tips for Taming the High Price of College Prep

Sending your kid to college can be a budget buster, but even before freshman move-in day, the application process can drain your wallet: prep courses, application essay tutors, campus visits and more. Before that happens to you, here's what you need to know to tame the costs of college prep.

For New Jersey's Chris Christie, It Was Simply a Tunnel Into Debt

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie today canceled the multibillion dollar rail tunnel under the Hudson River, the nation's largest public works project, for the second time in less than a month. For Christie, it all came down to money. And that helps burnish his fiscal conservative cred.

Amtrak Reports Record Passenger Numbers

Amtrak set an annual ridership record of 28.7 million passengers for the fiscal year ended September 30. That%u2019s 5.7% more than in fiscal 2009. Ticket revenue rose 9% to $1.74 billion, Amtrak said in a statement.

Amtrak's High-Speed Rail Plan: Can't We Do Better?

Earlier this week, Amtrak released its proposal to build a new high-speed rail line connecting Boston and Washington, D.C. The project will cost over $100 billion and take 25 years to build. While rail enthusiasts may be pleased, you have to wonder: why is it going to take so long?

Obama's rail plan speeds ahead

This week, President Obama unveiled his plan to develop a high-speed passenger rail (HSR) system in the United States. Although HSR has long been a...

Finally: Eurorail for Americans

Out of the blue, Amtrak has decided to allow Americans in on the big rail pass scheme that's usually offered only to international visitors. We...