Publishing in the Year Ahead: Recovery and Optimism

One annual end of season rite is upon the publishing industry: when chief executives take stock of the year that was and look ahead to the one to come. In year-end letters to employees, interviews to newspapers, or interviews with DailyFinance, publishing CEOs exhibited a mix of grim acceptance and cautious optimism that 2010 will be a better year than this one.

The FTC Plays Legal Hardball with Intel

The FTC filed a major lawsuit against Intel on Wednesday, dumping a massive lump of coal in the giant chipmaker's. The suit accuses the company of trying to "stifle competition and strengthen its monopoly," and comes just one month after Intel's $1.25 billion settlement with AMD, its main rival.

AMD's CEO: What he leaked to Galleon

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)'s former CEO, Hector Ruiz, allegedly leaked details of a major restructuring to a hedge fund. But I was even more...

Intel's last hurrah?

Intel Corp. (INTC) sees reason for optimism in the quarter ahead even as storm clouds loom on the horizon. Speaking today at a company event, Chief...