Is HBO's Boardwalk Empire Breaking a Modern Prohibition?

HBO has debuted a novel liquor-store marketing campaign tied to Canadian Club whiskey for its Prohibition-era drama Boardwalk Empire, and some critics fear it may affect an unintended audience: children and young adults. Is the series further glamorizing drinking for the underage crowd?

Alcohol and College: How Much Money Are Students Really Drinking?

The average college student spends $500 per year on alcohol, says Rachel Barrington of the University of Wisconsin. With the average student taking five years to graduate and borrowing about $23,000, that means that more than 10% of all college loans go to finance alcohol consumption.

Study Says Junk Food as Addictive as Heroin or Cigarettes

Is junk food as addictive as heroin or cigarettes? Previous studies have shown similarities between drug abusers and compulsive eaters, but a new study published Sunday in Nature Neuroscience provides evidence that those who are addicted to junk food experience similar cravings as drug addicts, require increasingly larger amounts of food to feel good and even have a harder time quitting.

Consumers opting to drink at home

The sobering economy is making consumers enjoy a drink at home rather than get happy at the neighborhood bar. Drinkers are also finding pleasure in...

Make mine diet soda -- I'm in a hurry

According to our mates at Royal Adelaide Hospital, in South Australia, the choice of diet soda as a cocktail mixer will give you more fast acting...

Recession hits beer sales

Beer sales are known for being recession-resistant, but that isn't looking to be the case this time around. The London-based brewer behind the Miller...

2 Eddie Bauer Flasks, $5 + shipping

In this economy, anyone who checks the market and/or gas prices regularly would do well to keep a flask full of something on hand at all times -- if...

Price of beer on the rise

Bad news for beer drinkers: rising fuel costs and a rise of more than 300% in the cost of hops have led to a year over year increase of more than 4%...