Flyers, Get Ready to Pay More to Take Off

The price of a plane ticket is heading sharply higher. That's because airlines face steeper fuel costs and continue to cut capacity to keep profits from falling. You can still find some relative bargains, but it's going to take a lot more planning ahead.

New Apps & Common Sense Can Help Air Travelers

Air travel delays can sometimes seem like the last straw for frustrated passengers. But new software, such as delay-prediction app FlightCaster, combined with some commonsense planning, can help keep air travelers sane and on schedule.

U.S. Air Travel Woes Reflect Bigger Infrastructure Issues

A scant few U.S. carriers took home honors from this year's "Best of Business Travel" awards from Business Traveler magazine. The apparent malaise affecting U.S. airlines may go beyond the current economic downturn to something more fundamental.

Severe Weather Closes Airports, Spreads Chaos in Europe

Severe weather closed airports in Geneva, London and Edinburgh, spreading chaos through Europe%u2019s transportation system. London Gatwick airport, the second-busiest in the U.K, will be closed until at least tomorrow morning while snow is cleared away, Bloomberg News reported. Geneva airport is shut until at least 2 p.m. local time, while flights were cancelled at Frankfurt thanks to strong tailwind.

Beware Hotels Offering 'Convenient' Shuttle to Airport

When it comes to airport shuttle bus services, convenience is increasingly being trumped by cost-cutting. Hotels near airports are "carpooling" -- sharing their shuttles to save time and money for themselves, but not necessarily for you.

Unique Financing Keeps Airport Rail Link on Track

Work is moving forward on a new light rail link from downtown Denver to its airport, backed by an unusual combination of federal loans and private investment. The project will create thousands of jobs, and add a much-needed public transit option for reaching the nation's fifth-busiest airport.

Strikes at Heathrow Avoided as Union, BAA Reach Agreement

Strike action at six U.K airports, including London Heathrow, was avoided when union leaders accepted what they called a "much improved" pay settlement from BAA Ltd. The Unite union, which represents airport staff, said it would recommend that workers accept the offer when it is put to them in a ballot, Bloomberg News reported. Details of the deal will be disclosed later today.

Some airports much cheaper than others

When you're searching for airfare bargains, it's not only the airline that matters. The airport you're leaving from can also cause your ticket price...

Flight Cancelled? It's Going To Get Worse

It's been a grueling winter for many American travelers as airlines preemptively cancel flights ahead of any possible heavy weather. In early February alone, nearly 1 million passengers were stranded as 13,000 flights were canceled. And chances look good that once winter is over, the situation will only get worse.

Is your airport a rip-off?

Forbes has an interesting article out about America's rip-off airports, which is a must read if you're going to be traveling any time soon. Even if...