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Airlines and Online Ticket Sites: Altered Flight Patterns

New technology is leading to changes in business relationships between airlines and online ticketing sites. It'll take a while for the new landscape to settle down, but the near-term result could be potential windfalls for some carriers -- and confusion for air travelers.

New Apps & Common Sense Can Help Air Travelers

Air travel delays can sometimes seem like the last straw for frustrated passengers. But new software, such as delay-prediction app FlightCaster, combined with some commonsense planning, can help keep air travelers sane and on schedule.

While Airlines Are Profiting Again, Fliers Are Suffering

Of all the industries that have achieved record profits recently, none have posted more remarkable results than the airline industry. For the first time in a decade, the industry is on a glide path to profitability -- but it's getting there by squeezing its customers.

Delayed Flights Cost U.S. Economy $32.9 Billion a Year

Delayed flights cost the U.S. economy a total of $32.9 billion every year, according to a new study of domestic flights. More than half that figure is money out of the pockets of passengers, who are forced to spend money on items including food and hotel rooms while they wait for their plane, according to a report commissioned by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Ryanair Earnings Fall 24% on Impact of Icelandic Volcano

Ryanair Holdings Plc (RYAAY), Europe%u2019s largest discount airline, reported a 24 % decline in quarterly earnings on the impact of the Icelandic volcano that caused travel chaos in the spring. Net income for the quarter ended June 30 was 93.7 million euros ($122 million), compared with 123 million euros for the year-ago quarter, the company said in a statement. Operating revenue rose 16% year on year to 896.8 million euros.