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Penguin Is No. 1 on iPad, But Gets No Love From Amazon

Book publisher Penguin has many reasons to feel good: Its preliminary earnings report for 2010 is positive, and its book deals with Apple is working well. But Penguin still hasn't sorted out its issues with Amazon, and the online giant is making it pay.

Amazon Loses to Macmillan. Now for the Wider War

The battle's over, and now comes the long, costly war. Publishers Hachette and HarperCollins are now on board with the pricing model championed by rival Macmillan, which sets e-book prices higher. Amazon has restored Macmillan's titles to its page after a one-week protest -- but that's not the end.

Amazon War: Hachette Sides with Macmillan

With no end in sight to the war between Amazon and Macmillan, the publisher fighting the retailer's pricing on digital books, rival publisher Hachette is taking Macmillan's side, adopting the agency model and releasing e-books simultaneously with the first print edition.