Why Retirement Is Like Winning the Lottery

The new retiree has a lot in common with a lottery winner. But there is at least one major difference. If you buy a lottery ticket, you have a miniscule chance of winning. If you contribute to your retirement account, you're bound to win.

Retiring Without a Rudder? You May Need a Coach

Most people's worries about retirement are, first and foremost, about money. But the nonfinancial questions can be just as daunting, and increasingly, folks are turning to retirement coaches for guidance. Is one of these advisers right for you?

Retirement Tips for Creating Right Asset Allocation

No matter what retirement savings vehicle you're using, whether it be a 401(k), Roth IRA or traditional IRA, you can easily set up automatic contributions each month. But that doesn't mean your role in the retirement savings game is over. You will also need to determine how you want that money to be invested.