5 Things to Watch on Wall Street Next Week

There's never a dull moment on Wall Street -- and next week will be no exception. Here are some of the items that will help shape the week ahead once Monday rolls around.

Week in Preview: Discover, Oracle and Tiffany Earnings

Oracle, Discover and Tiffany are all expected to report year-over-year growth for their most recent quarters this week. Meanwhile, many will be looking for an updated snapshot of the housing market, with three sets of real-estate data coming out.

Adobe Earnings Jump as Revenue Passes $1 Billion

Adobe Systems on Monday reported its first quarter of revenue above $1 billion. For its fiscal fourth quarter, the software company turned a profit of $269 million, up from a loss of $32 million in the same period last year.

Sony Rises on 'Pure Speculation' of Apple Interest

Sony shares rose as much as 3% on Tuesday in Japan on rumors it could be a potential acquisition target of Apple. But the media reports that the traders cited were apparently just musings by columnist Eric Savitz of Barron's.

Rumor or Not, Microsoft Should Buy Adobe

Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer's not-so-secret meeting with Abode CEO Shantanu Narayen to discuss a joint battle strategy against Apple raised the tantalizing possibility of an Adobe buyout. That deal wouldn't just be good for Microsoft, it would be good for the future of the Web overall.

Adobe Shares Slide on Disappointing Guidance

Adobe Systems's fiscal third-quarter earnings beat analyst expectations, but share prices plunged in after-hours trading after the largest maker of graphic-design software released lower-than-expected guidance for the fourth quarter.

Six Reasons Adobe Flash Is Banned from the iPad

Steve Jobs and Adobe Systems entered another round of fisticuffs Thursday, with the Apple founder and CEO throwing repeated punches in an open letter explaining why Adobe's Flash will never make it onto the iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Rejecting Flash, Apple Snubs 'Lazy' Adobe on the iPad

Gadget-crazed consumers who rush Apple stores for iPads may not be aware of a standoff between Apple and Adobe but they will likely feel the effects. Many Web applications may not work on the device because it doesn't support Adobe Flash, a popular platform for adding multimedia to Web pages.

Yahoo Drawn Into Google's Cyber War With China

Yahoo was drawn into the growing cyber-war between Google and the Chinese government after it declared its support of the U.S.-based search giant. Google threatened to pull out of China after it became the victim of a massive cyber attack that is believed to be masterminded by the Chinese government.

Grand video plans at Google

Why would Google (GOOG) would want to buy On2 Technologies (ONT)? To give it a chance to leapfrog Microsoft's Windows Media player and Adobe's Flash...