Google Is Roaring Mad About Apple's New iPhone Rules

Google says Apple's new iPhone advertising policies will prevent developers from using AdMob, the mobile ad company Google recently bought for $750 million. AdMob's Omar Hamoui says Google will "be speaking to Apple to express our concerns about the impact of these terms."

Google Tries to Burnish Its 'Not Evil' Reputation

Google is trying hard to convince people that it still follows its "Don't Be Evil" motto in the wake of monopoly and privacy issues. The search giant just released a report showing it generated $54 billion for U.S. businesses last year.

Is Google's Nexus One Really the One?

At first, the iPhone-killer, Android-running smartphone was the Cliq. Then it was the Droid. Now it's the Nexus One. Each was hailed as the best one yet. Will the rapid-fire emergence of new smartphones anger potential Android devotees?

Stocks in the News: Kraft, Apple, Ford

Kraft Foods boosted its offer for British candy maker Cadbury following Monday's announced $3.7 billion sale of Kraft's pizza business to Nestlé. But it remains to be seen whether Cadbury will bite on the sweetened offer. See what other news could affect stock prices today.

Google Says AdMob Deal Won't Hurt Competition

Google fired back at two consumer groups that asked federal regulators to block its purchase $750 million purchase of mobile ad firm AdMob. The search giant says the deal won't dampen competition and besides, its rivals have already done similar deals.