Are PCs Going Extinct?

PC makers better learn to think outside of the box: Computer sales continue to slip as companies cautiously watch their spending and consumers flock to tablets and smartphones for their basic computing needs.

Why Dell Will Never Be Great Again

Dell shares opened sharply lower on Wednesday after the PC maker posting disappointing financial results. Sales are soft, margins are contracting, and the outlook is uninspiring.

Can Dell Buy Its Way Out of Trouble?

Dell's earnings topped Wall Street expectations, but with shares down some 16% year-to-date, the computer company is still struggling. Should it use its $11 billion in cash to buy itself out of trouble?

HP's Management Crisis: Where Rivals Have Openings

Although HP's rivals have been quiet, the Mark Hurd fiasco has to smell like blood in the water around Silicon Valley. Where exactly might HP be most vulnerable? And where might it still hold an edge? Here's a business-by-business rundown.

Samsung's Galaxy Tab Will Run Google's Android

Samsung Electronics provided the missing piece to its tablet computer puzzle on Friday, announcing the soon-to-be-released Galaxy Tab will run on Google's Android operating system, just like its Galaxy smartphones, which debuted in April.

Taiwan PC Makers Cleaning Up on Mobile Computing

Taiwan's PC industry, the world's largest, posted a 53% jump in first-quarter revenues to $25.1 billion from the year-ago period. And driving sales is a massive shift toward mobile computing as buyers flock to devices like netbooks and tablet computers.

Dell may buy more companies

In an exclusive interview with Bloomberg, Michael Dell of Dell Inc. (DELL) said his company is "rapidly developing" merger expertise and will seek...

What's wrong with the Nokia netbook?

Nokia (NOK) released the specifications for its new netbook. That is no news. The largest handset company in the world has been talking about the...