How to Get Your Insurance Claim Paid

Many consumers are relieved to know that insurance can protect them from financial losses, but the claims process doesn't always run smoothly.

Can Your Financial 'Plan B' Withstand the Unexpected?

Having a plan in case of a major life crisis is important and, according to State Farm's Financial Plan B survey, 81% of us know it. But only 45% of those surveyed said they've actually planned ahead for that crisis. If you have a plan, it may not be a solid as you think. And if you don't, here's how to begin creating one.

Ford Expands Recall of F-Series Trucks Over Faulty Airbags

Ford is expanding a recall of its popular F-Series truck line because of faulty airbags that can deploy unexpectedly and possibly lead to injuries, federal regulators said Thursday. The expanded action now includes some 1.2 million trucks from the 2004 through 2006 model years.

Natural Gas Plant Explosions Cause Major Fire in Texas

Multiple explosions at a Texas natural-gas plant operated by Enterprise Products Partners caused a fire that can be seen from dozens of miles away, local TV station KHOU-TV reported Tuesday. The plant is in Mont Belvieu, about 35 miles east of Houston. No injury reports have been released.

After Its Owner's Death, Can Segway Regain Its Balance?

Following Jimi Heselden's accidental death while riding a Segway, the personal-vehicle maker faces a marketing nightmare. But almost from the beginning, Segway has been struggling both to live up to the hype and to overcome the mocking and negative public images of its product.

Coal Mine Disaster Weighs on Massey Energy

Investors drilled Massey Energy for a second day, sending its shares down more than 6% in the wake of a West Virginia mine explosion that killed at least 25 miners. But stock price losses are likely just the beginning of the company's fiscal pain: Further financial consequences from lost production, fines and lawsuits are likely.