Honda May Be Investigated for 2005 Accord Hybrid Accident

Honda Motor may be the subject of a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigation because of possible acceleration problems with its Honda Accord Hybrid that may have caused a 2005 crash that killed one person.

Toyota Asks Court to Toss Unintended Acceleration Lawsuits

Toyota is asking a federal court in California to dismiss lawsuits claiming that electronics -- not floor mats or sticky gas pedals -- are the cause of unintended acceleration in its vehicles, saying plaintiffs have not proved there's a design defect in the vehicles' electronic systems.

Toyota Wants 'Unintended Acceleration' Lawsuits Tossed

Toyota has asked a federal judge to dismiss hundreds of lawsuits over problems with unintended acceleration in its vehicles. The world's largest automaker says such complaints are based on anecdotes, and fail to identify specific defects, Bloomberg News reported.

Congress Accuses Toyota of Holding Back Information

Congress continues to press Toyota about what it knew when regarding unintended acceleration problems in its vehicles. Lawmakers are now seeking more information about the brake override feature that the automaker has begun installing on new cars and trucks to prevent the malfunctions.

Toyota May Offer Longer Warranties, Cash Back Deals

When it comes to luring car buyers into showrooms, long warranty packages and "cash back" offers are among the oldest tricks in the book. Manufacturers are often reluctant to use these methods, because they're costly. But in Toyota's case, it may not have many other options.