How to Buy One Share of Facebook Stock

For those who want to own just one ceremonial share of a company, there are websites that specialize in "one share" transactions. The operators of those sites say they expect Facebook to become one of their most popular stocks once it begins trading publicly.

Facebook's Zuckerberg Claims Lawsuit Is Probing 'Private Life'

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, says a lawsuit by a man who claims to own a majority of the social networking site is attempting to uncover details about his private%u2019s life in order to harass him. Zuckerberg is locked in a legal battle with Paul Ceglia, a resident of Wellsville, New York. Ceglia claims that he owns 84% of the multi-billion dollar company.

How to Put Your Facebook Profile on Lockdown

The simmering resentment of many Facebook users burst into flame as the site's privacy protocol became even more complicated and it began linking user information to other sites. As many critics point out, Facebook now offers over 50 choices on its security settings, allegedly making a security lockdown a painfully complicated and bizarre ordeal.

Facebook Is Not Satan's Spawn

Despite what you've heard, the Facebook privacy settings aren't that confusing for anyone who can be bothered to take 10 minutes to look at them and use Facebook's "help" function.