Yves Saint Laurent

Would You Hire Him?

Our new Style Scavenger column is about finding good purchases in unexpected places. Our first challenge: Helping a recent college grad evolve his look from funky and stained to interview- and office-ready. But before we get to the clothes, we'll have to figure out what to do with the tie-dyed hair...

Will J.Lo and Marc Anthony Fashions Be a Hit for Kohl's?

The debut of the Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Collections marks the biggest product launch in Kohl's history, says CEO Kevin Mansell. But star power doesn't always translate into shopper interest and strong sales. Do these recently split singers have what it takes to become fashion leaders?

J.C. Penney Takes Aim at Fashion Leader Status

The jcp design groupe is bringing legitimate fashion cred to the retailer, with trendy looks that rival higher-end, higher-priced chains. Follow their new camel cape from conception to consumer with us and you'll get the message they're sending: This is not your mother's J.C. Penney.