World cup

TV Sales Grow Globally, But Not in North America

Americans are buying fewer televisions, according to a new report from DisplaySearch. Overall, North American TV shipments fell 3% in the second quarter, even as worldwide shipments grew 26%.

Soccer: Can Americans Love the World's Favorite Sport?

Americans are finally figuring out what the rest of the world has known for decades: Soccer is way more than just 22 people running around for 90 minutes. But is the recent interest fleeting or the start of an enduring passion? Some fans weigh in (with video).

Bookies Get Trimmed by Oracle Octopus's World Cup Picks

Forget the 2 to 1 odds in Las Vegas that favor the Netherlands against Spain in Sunday's World Cup finals, the best and most accurate odds are coming from Paul, the psychic octopus, whose unblemished record in this year's soccer World Cup match-ups is creating a cult-like following.

Love the Vuvuzela? YouTube Has a Button for You

Online video giant YouTube has added a new button to its website -- one that adds the distinctive sound of the vuvuzela. The button, shaped like a soccer ball, unleashes the drone of the plastic trumpet to any clip.

YouTube gets vuvuzela button

Earlier today, YouTube added a vuvuzela button to some videos. Users can locate a little soccer ball icon next to the 360p video-enhancing button....

Hyundai Pulls World Cup Ad After Catholic Outcry

Saying it meant no offense but rather intended to humorously connect the "passion of soccer fans with owner loyalty," Hyundai admits it goofed with the religious-themed ad. But at least one ad exec thinks there's more to it than that.

Vuvuzela Maker's Sound Strategy

It's called the vuvuzela (pronounced vu-vu-ZEL-uh) and it has swarmed into the spotlight of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The tournament kicked off a few days ago, introducing the world to a plastic horn capable of reaching 127 decibels.

Why Hosting World Cup Is a Losing Bet for South Africa

South Africa has some lofty expectations about the economic boost the World Cup will bring to its economy. Economists are skeptical that the soccer tournament will live up to those expectations and history shows that it most likely will not.

Go for Less: World Cup in South Africa

Sure, the Olympics are pretty big, but for most of the world, the year's biggest sporting event is the World Cup of soccer, which will be held across...