Follow the Female Leaders to Faster Portfolio Growth

Executives ask themselves daily: "What can I do to give my company an edge?" Studies show that the answer may be as simple as hiring more women for executive and board of director roles. So you just might want to invest in these six companies that have done just that.

Walmart Getting in Touch With Its Feminine Side

Walmart has announced a new initiative aimed at investing in women-driven enterprises. The chain's plans include supporting training programs, donating to entities that aid female-focused economic development, and patronizing women-owned businesses. But coming as it does on the heels on a massive (failed) class action lawsuit, can this initiative be taken at face-value?

Need Smarter Answers? Ask a Woman -- or Several

Bubbles, riots, and mass hysteria aside, "the crowd" can sometimes be very smart. Studies show that groups can make far more intelligent decisions collectively than individual experts do alone. But how smart a group can get appears to hinge on the number of women it includes.