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MoneyGram Goes Mobile with Digital Wallet Money Transer App

People who regularly use money transfer services just got another digital leg up. MoneyGram International is partnering with Gemalto, the company behind the LinqUs Mobile Money digital wallet, to allow customers to do money transfers straight from their smartphones.

Facebook Friends' New Benefit: Send Money Easily

In a joint effort with PayPal, Facebook launched a new app this week that could remake the money-transfer business. We test drove Send Money, a cheap -- sometimes free -- method for moving funds between you and members of your social network.

Everyone From Obama to Arch-Rivals Pays Tribute to Steve Jobs

Few men can move so many with their death as Steve Jobs. Like a shot heard round the world, news of the Apple co-founder's death on Wednesday resonated with the masses. Here's a collection of tributes paid to Jobs, from the president of the United States, industry titans, Jobs's arch-rivals and the public in genera

Five Stocks That Might Beat the Market This Year

It sure is tough, but some stock-pickers have managed to consistently outperform the S&P 500. One such pro is Mark Boyer, who every year culls 40 stocks with the potential to beat the benchmark index. Here are his top five picks for 2010.