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Why Paperwork Matters: Consider This Mortgage Mess

A U.S. bankruptcy court judge in New York wants officials from HSBC and Litton Loan Servicing to appear in her courtroom next month -- to explain their failure to provide adequate documentation concerning how HSBC wound up claiming to hold a mortgage that's involved in a bankruptcy case.

Making Mortgage Mods Permanent: Case Studies in Frustration

If struggling homeowners are able to make trial modified mortgage payments, the next logical step, it seems, would be to make the modifications permanent. Sadly, however, this is a rare occurrence. Follow the stories of several families as they wrestle with foreclosure notices, lost payments, missing paperwork, and ultimately court orders -- all on the path to permanent mortgage modifications.

Will Banks Start Raising Dividends Soon?

The Federal Reserve may soon start letting some banks boost their dividends again, according to a story in The Wall Street Journal that cites anonymous sources.