Students Trade Stuff Online to Save

College students trade CDs, clothing and textbooks with each other all the time. The only thing cheaper than buying something used is trading and,...

First the Wii, Then the iPhone, Now There's Kapitall

Investing website Kapitall opened to the general public on Thursday, offering sleeker technology and easier tools to appeal to the so-called Facebook generation. The idea: To make investing more alluring. But while the site is attracting new users, will it be a winner?

Aiming for Amazon: Retailers Join New Web Shipping Service

Retailers such as Toys R Us, Rockport and Borders hope to grow their Web sales with a new shipping service called Much like Amazon's Prime program, consumers pay $79 per year for a membership, which lets them ship as many orders as they want from ShopRunner's retail partners.

Pharmaceutical Sales Reps: An Endangered Species?

Pharmaceutical sales representatives have been battered during the recession -- thousands were laid off by drugmakers hunting for ways to trim their budgets. But even if the economy recovers with a vengeance, don't expect pharmaceutical firms to go on a hiring binge.