Waste Management

5 Surprising Companies Going Green

When one thinks of green businesses, names like Whole Foods and Patagonia spring to mind. But there are other big firms whose major environmental efforts may surprise you.

The Post Office Is Doomed. Some Say Good Riddance

If the USPS went into bankruptcy, would anyone care? Not according to former UPS board member Gary MacDougal, who argued in a scathing attack last week that "the rapid growth of email, online bill paying," and private parcel delivery firms like UPS and FedEx has made the Post Office obsolete. Statistics suggest he's right.

3 Ways to Prepare for a Falling Market

Despite today's rally -- which saw the Dow headed for its third straight day of gains, making up most of last week's 737-point plunge -- signs point to the stock market continuing to fall. Here's how to protect and grow your portfolio.

Why Young Investors Should Stick With Stocks

Stats compiled earlier this year by Money magazine show a disturbing trend: Young investors seem to have been spooked by the stock market. But if they lose their nerve now, they're sure to regret it later in life. Here's how those of you lucky enough to be starting out early can position yourselves for success.

Protect Your Portfolio, Profit from the Dip

It's been quite a bumpy road for the stock market. But as investing is all about staying cool and thinking clearly in a crisis, the recent stock market shock provides plenty of opportunities to show your savvy. Here are three key strategies to help you not just survive, but profit from the shocks.

How to Make Investing a Family Affair

Teenage boys talking about business and investing? It happens in this household. The Bush family has even made a household contest out of following the market. But mother Joan, who says that the investment education goes in both generational directions, is hoping for tangible returns.

What Waste Management Sees in China: Lots of Garbage

For the past two years, waste-disposal stocks have been laggards. But investors have started to see the vast potential of Waste Management's entry into China, which analysts say has surpassed the U.S. as the world's largest municipal solid-waste generator.