Wal-Mart Lowers Fee for Holiday Layaway Program

Wal-Mart is lowering its fee that shoppers pay for its interest-free pay-over-time program for the winter holidays. The fee to open up a layaway account will now be $5 instead of $15, the world's largest retailer said Tuesday.

Wal-Mart Ending Membership in Conservative Group

Wal-Mart, the world's No. 1 retailer and the biggest seller of firearms in the United States, is dropping out of a U.S. conservative advocacy group that has been a lightning rod over voting and gun laws.

Wal-Mart Gets Go-Ahead in South Africa

Wal-Mart, the world's biggest retailer, can go ahead with its 17 billion rand ($2.2 billion) purchase of a controlling share of a South African chain, a South African regulatory appeals body said Friday. The Competition Appeal Court upheld a ruling last year by the Competition Tribunal, the government agency charged with promoting competition and protecting consumers.

Wal-Mart Debuts 'Great for You' Seal

Wal-Mart Stores plans to help its customers figure that out by adding a new green icon that reads "Great for You" to packaging of some of its house-brand foods. The green and white seal, which shows the stylized outline of a human figure with its arms spread toward the sky, is part of a multiyear campaign the world's largest retailer is undertaking to promote healthier products and fight childhood obesity.

Why Wal-Mart Will Be Great Again

Lots of people are down on Wal-Mart. Just a few days ago, on this very site, the case was made that the world's largest retailer will never be great again. Now, a rebuttal: Here's why Wal-Mart, whose stock has admittedly been underperforming of late, still has plenty of room to grow.

New at Walmart: Streaming Video Rentals

The retail giant will allow customers to snap up a flick while loading their electronic shopping carts with everything from clothes to tires. The move completes's integration of VUDU, and brings the world's largest public corporation by revenue into direct conflict with Netflix.

Wal-Mart Finally Embraces Its Gritty Image

Great selection, low prices, and tolerable shopping conditions have long been recognized as Wal-Mart's winning formula. Fortunately, the company itself is starting to see it that way too. It hasn't been easy to attain, but Wal-Mart's self-knowledge should be good news for investors.

Walmart Takes Aim at Amazon with Free Shipping Offer

In a move targeted at online retail giant, on Thursday announced it's offering free shipping on nearly 60,000 gift items -- including popular toys and electronics -- through Dec. 20.

Target to open small stores

The trend of megastores going small is picking up steam. Walmart is actively looking at urban markets for growth, Home Depot developed its "lite"...

Walmart goes small for cities

Walmart may not be easily confused with a local market or convenience store, but that's exactly what it's hoping to become, at least in urban...

Walmart in Brooklyn? Not so fast

Walmart is reportedly looking to open a store in Brooklyn, the company's first there and its closest to Manhattan, but there are more than a few...