Always Low Prices? There's a Walmart iPad App for That

Bargain hunting just got a little easier for Walmart customers who are also Apple customers. The world's largest retailer has launched a new app for the iPad and updated its app for the iPhone to keep in step with its shoppers' growing use of the popular Apple products.

New at Walmart: Streaming Video Rentals

The retail giant will allow customers to snap up a flick while loading their electronic shopping carts with everything from clothes to tires. The move completes's integration of VUDU, and brings the world's largest public corporation by revenue into direct conflict with Netflix.

The Science Behind Naming Products and Companies

Vudu. JooJoo. Boorah. It almost seems as if companies are just randomly picking names for their latest product or the company, out of a hat. But consumers would be surprised at how much actual thought (and money) goes into the process of dubbing a tobacco maker Altria or an instant coffee Via.

No more Blockbuster?

Remember the days you'd get in your car and drive to your local Blockbuster, wander around the aisles looking for just the right movie, stand in line...

Walmart Jumps Into Online Video with Vudu

Retail giant Wal-Mart is wading into the digital content melee by snapping up web-video startup Vudu for a reported $100 million or more. It's the latest evidence that the still-nascent market for on-demand video is starting to heat up.