What Makes a Perfect Stock?

Yet while few stocks have everything one might want in an investment, knowing the most desirable traits of great stocks can guide you in making choices for your own portfolio.

Has Expedia Become the Perfect Stock?

Can you ever really find a stock that provides everything you could possibly want? Let's discuss the ideal qualities of such a hypothetical "perfect" stock, then decide if Expedia fits the bill.

Why Does Wall Street Hate AutoNation?

America loves cars, but Wall Street analysts don't have much affection for the country's leading auto showroom operator. AutoNation has beaten its targets, is making strong profits, and is poised to grow. So what's wrong with its stock?

Is Facebook Finally Ready to IPO?

Facebook may finally be ready to go public in the second quarter of 2012. At an estimated valuation of $100 billion, the social networking giant is probably no longer a ground-floor opportunity -- but could even that number be too low?

Double Your Cash -- If You Dare -- on Internet IPOs

Zillow's stock more than tripled after its IPO Wednesday, then fell back to settle up a mere 79% at the close. Initial public offerings have become a way to make huge profits in the market, if investors have the stomach for extreme risk -- and the access to buy in.

Trefis Values LinkedIn at Just $30 a Share: Here's Why

Trefis put a value estimate of $30 a share on LinkedIn as it launched its IPO Thursday. Shares actually opened at $83, raced past $100, and closed at $94.25. Wondering why the Trefis estimate is so much lower? Let's re-examine the fundamentals, and how they arrived at that number.

What Facebook's Goldman Deal Says About Tech IPOs

Facebook and many other tech startups have realized that the hassles and headaches of an IPO in the U.S. aren't always worthwhile. Thanks to willing venture capitalists and private investors, it's easier than ever to avoid the lure of going public.

Facebook Shares Clear $25 in SharesPost Auction

Shares of Facebook cleared $25 a share in a recent sealed-bid auction, bumping the value of the social networking giant to $56.7 billion, according to an email alert distributed Friday by SharesPost, which facilities stock sales in privately held companies as a secondary exchange.

Ex-CEO Says Twitter Has Plenty of Money in the Bank

Amid rumors that Twitter is considering pursuing another round of venture funding, the microblogging site's co-founder Evan Williams said his company has "a lot of money in the bank," and that its advertising efforts are paying off better than expected.

As Earnings Season Ends, Is It Springtime for Stocks?

As evenly matched as bulls and bears have been for months, earnings season is essentially over, and the flow of economic reports has been supportive, albeit not robustly, of share prices. And perhaps the case for stocks based on valuation is stronger -- until the Fed starts raising rates in earnest.

Equities Have Surged but May Still Be Cheapish

The Greek debt drama, Chinese tightening and the Fed's surprising discount rate hike have created lots of scary headlines lately, yet stocks have risen to nearly breakeven for the year. Does that mean they're overvalued now? Hardly. In fact, by some estimates, they could 15% undervalued.

Google May Lose China, but Is Baidu Poised for a Fall?

As stunning as Google's threat to shut down its operations in China may be, its business in the Middle Kingdom means almost nothing to the company's bottom line. And while Baidu may win in the long run, its shares look a bit rich after today's run up.

John Hussman's Big Bearish Call on Stocks

When a highly successful money manager like Hussman crunches the numbers and decides that shares are priced to disappoint -- perhaps for the next decade -- intelligent investors would do well to pay attention.