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9-9-9, Take 2: Cain's Revamp Still Stings Middle Class

GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain unveiled several major changes to his popular 9-9-9 tax plan on Friday. The former Godfather's Pizza CEO even announced that those below the poverty line would pay no income taxes. But the middle class won't find much relief in Cain's fleshed-out plan.

Planning for Retirement
Amid Market Mayhem

Planning for retirement? Don't panic. Here's why you should ignore the market mayhem: You have complete control over the most important component of your retirement plan, your contributions.

A Second Stimulus? U.S. Can't Afford Not To

An additional stimulus package will be required if the nation is going to avoid a double-dip recession, said both Mark Zandi of Moody's Economy.com and former Congressional Budget Office Director Rudolph Penner at a conference Friday.