Who's Minding the Twitter? Big Companies' Most Painful Mis-Tweets

Businesses love how Twitter lets them connect in a personal way with customers. But because of tweeting's casual and irreverent style, some companies get lulled into a false sense of intimacy -- right up until a poorly thought out tweet gets them into serious hot water.

Virgin America Ascends Higher Than Fly Girls

The "Fly Girls" TV show about flight attendants for Virgin America has been panned by critics but the opposite is the case for the plucky airline. Voted best domestic carrier, Virgin is on a roll with new routes and other plans in the works. COO David Cush gives DailyFinance the skinny.

Will a United Airlines and US Airways Merger Fly?

US Airways and United Airlines are discussing a possible merger, according to The New York Times's DealBook. Investors are flying high, driving up both airlines' shares. But will complicated pilot contracts create turbulence?

Sky high airfare is here (to stay?)

Following recent increases in fuel surcharges by the airlines, Continental Airlines and United Airlines have announced that they're increasing fares...