United Nations

A Growing Role for Tourism in Sustainable Development

In a somewhat surprising report, The U.N. Environment Programme says one of the most promising green industries -- at least when it comes to creating economic growth, reducing poverty, fueling job creation and addressing major environmental challenges -- turns out to be tourism.

Global Food Prices Highest in 20 Years

Global food prices are the highest in more than 20 years as rising oil prices stemming from civil unrest in the Middle East have caused the cost of items like cereal, dairy products and meat to increase, a United Nations agency said in a report released Thursday.

Wheat Prices Spike After UN Warns of China Drought

Wheat prices reached their highest prices in more than two years after a United Nations agency warned that China may face a wheat-supply shortage because of a recent drought, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Climate Change: Smart Businesses Are Preparing Now

From flooding in Pakistan to wildfires in Russia, something seems to be going on. Climate change? A growing number of businesses aren't waiting around to find out for sure. Instead, they're making pragmatic plans to prepare just in case.

Six Months Later, Haiti Foresees a Long Road to Recovery

How long will it take Haiti to make even a modest recovery from the devastating earthquake that killed 330,000 people six months ago? At least 20 years, according to the Action Plan released by the impoverished island nation's government.