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Jet Crash in Ukraine Spooks Investors

Markets were treading water until news broke that a Malaysia Airline jet had crashed in a part of Ukraine occupied by militant pro-Russian separatists.

Talk of More Corporate Deals Sends Stocks Higher, Dow Above 14,000

Reports that retailers Office Depot and OfficeMax are discussing a merger came after big corporate deals for Heinz and Dell were announced in recent weeks. Some investors are betting that more deals could be on the way as buyers pay premium prices for publicly traded companies.

Report: Premium Hikes for Top Medicare Drug Plans

Millions of seniors enrolled in some of the most popular Medicare prescription drug plans face double-digit premium hikes next year if they don't shop for a better deal, says a private firm that analyzes the highly competitive market.

The 5 Biggest Obamacare Myths Detailed and Debunked

After Bruce Watson's recent article explaining how Obamacare would effect an average family ran on DailyFinance, his e-mail inbox filled up with questions from readers -- and most revolved around five specific myths about the law.

Rebates From Obamacare to Top $1 Billion: Report

More than 3 million health insurance policyholders and thousands of employers will share $1.3 billion in rebates this year, thanks to President Barack Obama's health care law, a nonpartisan research group said Thursday.

How to Negotiate Better Prices for Medical Care

We comparison shop for everything from cars to computers to coffee -- so why do so few of us bargain-hunt when it comes to the enormous expenses of health care? With or without insurance, it is possible to shop around, and negotiate for a better deal with your doctors.

Health Insurers Post Healthy Profits but Remain Cautious on 2011

The recent pushback on health care reform appears to have boosted the stock prices of health insurance companies, which have outperformed major indexes by quite a margin so far this year. That's because Americans have been cutting back on doctor visits, keeping reimbursement costs low.

Health Care Stocks: Winners and Losers

As hyperactive and reactive as markets can be, sometimes they get it right. Witness Monday's relief rally after the House voted to overhaul health insurance. The major averages enjoyed vigorous gains, led for much of the session by, yes, the health care sector.

Why We Need Health Reform: WellPoint's 39% Rate Hike

Insurance company WellPoint, which is opposed to the health care reforms Democrats are promoting, handed them a public relations coup this week: It increased insurance rates on some individual policies by up to 39%. Wellpoint's profits last quarter? A mere $2.7 billion.

Back to 14,000 for the Dow?

%u201CWe will hit 14,000, perhaps not in a year, but probably in a couple of years,%u201D says Robert Doll, vice chairman and global chief investment officer at BlackRock, one of the world%u2019s largest asset management companies. Here's his thinking.