Undercover Boss

What Makes This Ex-Undercover Boss Different? Love (and a Book)

Two years ago, Joel Manby, CEO of Herschend Family Entertainment, went incognito into his company's amusement parks on Undercover Boss. This month, he released Love Works, a guide to effective business leadership. And unlike some bosses, it's clear he really gets it.

How 'Undercover Boss' Moved United Van Lines CEO

The nation got to see Richard McClure, president of UniGroup and CEO of United Van Lines, go undercover on the hit CBS show "Undercover Boss." We went on-the-record with him now that he has had time to reflect on his national TV experience, and you may be surprised by his inspiring takeaways.

Generations Clash Over Sandwiches on Undercover Boss

This weekend, Don Fertman, the director of development at the Subway sandwich chain, tries his hand at making sandwiches, baking bread and many of the other jobs that keep a Subway franchise humming -- all under the supervision of a stern and much younger trainer who takes her job very seriously.

Undercover Boss Steven Foster Rolls With the Punches

Steven Foster, CEO of upscale bowling chain Lucky Strike Entertainment, was hands down the most easy-going 'Undercover Boss' yet. The hit CBS reality show is still as phony as the toupee he had to wear, but the episode was fun, and Foster, who founded the Lucky Strike, doesn't need to prove anything to anybody.

On Undercover Boss, Bowling Exec Tries to Avoid the Gutter

On Sunday, Lucky Strike Lanes CEO Steven Foster will get a chance to show America how he rolls. The latest guest on CBS' hit show Undercover Boss, Foster will try his hand at the day-to-day tasks of running of the bowling alley chain that he created.

'Undercover Boss' Plays Ball With the Chicago Cubs

When I heard that Undercover Boss was going to feature Todd Ricketts, one of the owners of the Chicago Cubs, I assumed the show would follow its familiar pattern of featuring unbelievably cheerful workers overcoming horrendous challenges while protecting the company from their bosses' attempts to do their jobs. Happily, there was more to the show this time around.

Chicago Cubs Exec Throws a Curve on Undercover Boss

One pervasive theme of CBS's "Undercover Boss" is that, under the surface, there isn't that much difference between executives and drones. This Sunday, however, promises an interesting confrontation as an American aristocrat meets the workers who keep his family business -- the Chicago Cubs -- afloat.

Chiquita's Top Banana Is the Next Undercover Boss

In his appearance on Sunday's episode of the popular CBS show Undercover Boss, Chiquita CEO Fernando Aguirre picks lettuce with migrant workers on an American farm. It's hard work, but the show overlooks of Chiquita's scandal-tainted Latin American plantations.

'Undercover Boss': TV Program or Infomercial?

The most recent episode of Undercover Boss featured the chief marketing officer of NASCAR, Steve Phelps. While the show stuck to the tried and true for the series, with the usual run of struggles and triumphs, it's worth wondering what the company got out of the deal.

Can the Next Undercover Boss Help Nascar Refuel?

A NASCAR executive will see exactly where the rubber meets the road on the next Undercover Boss Sunday night. But unlike past execs featured on the hit series, the honcho learning lessons at the bottom this time won't be the CEO sitting at the top.

Undercover Boss Shows Airline CEO It Isn't All Blue Skies

On Sunday, Frontier Airlines CEO Bryan Bedford will take his turn on the CBS show "Undercover Boss," going incognito to attempt the dull and nasty jobs required to get an plane in the air and keep its passengers happy. No surprise, he'll discover how different the view is from the bottom.

DirecTV's Michael White: The Best Undercover Boss Yet

What separated White from the other Undercover Bosses was his attitude. Maybe because he's fairly new to DirecTV and has no background in the satellite-TV business, White seemed to realize that he has much to learn.

Undercover Boss Gives DirecTV CEO a Job Orientation

This week's Undercover Boss on CBS will explore the recurring theme of disconnect between frontline worker and front office in America's large companies. With his newly acquired scruffy beard, DirecTV CEO Mike White will go on service calls, work in one of the company's call centers, and spend some time in its warehouse.

This 'Undercover Boss' Went Too Far to Be Believed

Until now, the hig reality-TV show was a harmless diversion. But yesterday's episode featuring Kimberly Schaefer, CEO of Great Wolf Resorts, required viewers not just to suspend their common sense but to obliterate it completely.

Seven Bosses We'd Like to See Go Undercover

It's great fun to see big-shot CEOs get out of their corner offices on the TV hit, Undercover Boss. But it would be even more fun to see America's true corporate titans on the show. We imagine undercover assignments for Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, BP's Bob Dudley and others.

'Undercover Boss' Features First Female CEO

This week's Undercover Boss on CBS breaks new ground by putting a female boss into the ranks of underlings. Kimberly Schaefer, president and CEO of Great Wolf Resorts will climb down the corporate ladder to pose as a waitress, pool attendant and line cook, among other jobs.

Choice Hotels CEO Cleans Up His Act on Undercover Boss

Some CEOs look as though they've never done a day of manual labor in their lives, and Stephen Joyce, the head of Choice Hotels International is one of them. His week in the spotlight of "Undercover Boss" left him sweaty and distressed, and -- as usual -- put him in touch with soul of his company.

Undercover Boss: Choice Hotels' CEO Makes the Beds

Undercover Boss starts its second season with a glimpse under the sheets at Choice Hotels, one of the largest hospitality conglomerates in the world. Featuring president and CEO Stephen P. Joyce, the episode will show the tougher side of the hotel business, as top executive scrubs a pool, makes beds, and straightens up a few of the company's estimated 490,000 rooms.

1-800-Flowers' Undercover Boss Learns a Lesson

CBS's hit reality show "Undercover Boss" often features down-and-out employees whose personal stories eclipse the real problems occurring within the company. At times, these episodes seem contrived, but Sunday's episode, which featured Chris McCann, the president of 1-800 Flowers, is the exception.

Undercover Boss Rearranges 1-800-Flowers.com

Though his older brother was a florist, Chris McCann has spent his career focused on facts, figures and finances, not flowers, fertilizer and phone sales. On Sunday, the CBS reality show transplants the brother of 1-800-Flowers founder Jim McCann from the president's office down into the trenches.

Roto-Rooter Exec Fumbles Through Undercover Boss

On the latest episode of CBS's hit reality show Undercover Boss, Roto-Rooter President and Chief Operating Officer Rick Arquilla seems to have no idea that his company is involved in a yucky business.

Undercover Boss: Roto Rooter Exec Gets All Wet

On Sunday's Undercover Boss, the show is going down the drain...literally. Featuring Rick Arquilla, the president and COO of Roto Rooter, the episode will take its business executive-as-normal-worker theme a step further with the untrained Arquilla trying his hand at drain snaking, faucet removal, and other challenging plumbing activities.

CEO Joel Manby: A Real "Undercover Boss" on a Seemingly Scripted Show

an out-of-touch executive who, while in disguise as one of his own workers, learns firsthand about the hardships his employees deal with every day. But when it came to the show's latest episode, which showcased Joel Manby the Chief Executive of theme-park operator Herschend Family Entertainment, the tables turned.

'Undercover Boss' Moves to a Theme Park

On this week's episode of "Undercover Boss" on CBS, Joel Manby, CEO of Herschend Family Entertainment, gets a glimpse of the other side of the theme park business. What are the chances he'll learn a valuable lesson?