US Dollar

What to Watch for in the Dollar's Moves

The stock market is often coy about announcing when its trend is about to change direction, but DailyFinance's technical analysis guru, Charles Hugh Smith, sees a downward shift coming. His basis for bearishness is a relationship that has applied often in the markets -- the dollar-stocks see-saw.

Dollar Rallies, Stocks Strain. Flight to Safety Back On?

As the Dow nears 10,000, the remarkable thing is that U.S. equity markets are holding up as well as they are. The jobs data may be grabbing the headlines, but the real news is the euro has caught swine flu. That's what's got the dollar rising -- and stocks tanking.

Are 'safe' assets really safe?

When the markets tanked, there was a flee to safety. Investors abandoned stocks and bought "risk free" assets in droves. Now that the market is...