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Gold-Backed U.S. Currency? Yes, But 'U' Stands for Utah

Earlier this year, the Utah state legislature passed a law making gold and silver coins legal tender. Now, a Salt Lake City-area numismatist hopes to set up a depository system that will allow Utahans to use gold and silver to pay for anything they want.

Market Snapshot: What's Thriving in Battered Economy

The economy has had more than its share of trouble lately: Japan's earthquake comes on top of rising oil and food prices, political turmoil in the Middle East and a crop of government austerity measures. But investor opportunities lie hidden among the bad news.

Why the Dollar Is Stuck at Three-Month Lows

One would think that with the Mideast crisis East, oil prices skyrocketing and U.S. manufacturing rebounding smartly, the buck would be flying high. But no. Why that's so may lie in international perceptions about where interest rates are heading.

Libya Isn't the Only Force Working Against Stocks

With Mideast turmoil chasing oil higher and stocks lower, it's a good time to check the charts and see what price levels seem to be key "lines in the sand." Some indicators have been warning for months that the steep rally was preparing to reverse.

What the Stocks vs. Dollar Seesaw Is Saying Now

For a host of reasons, when the dollar spikes, stocks drop, and when the dollar falls, stocks soar. Right now, with dollar sentiment reaching maximum bearishness, contrarians are preparing for the next seesaw shift. If the dollar rises again, stocks could reverse.

If the Dollar Stabilizes, Stocks Could Be Done

The U.S. dollar and U.S. stocks have a see-saw relationship: When one is up, the other is down. If the dollar is now bottoming out and ending its long decline, that could spell bad news for equities going forward.

Why China Is Becoming
More Assertive

With its economy growing rapidly even as much of the developed world struggles, tensions are mounting. China has recently crossed Japan and India, in addition to ongoing conflicts with the U.S. Fairly or not, China is being singled out as currency manipulator.

Are Gold and the Dollar Forging a New Link?

For years, a clearly see-saw correlation existed between gold and the U.S. dollar: When the dollar dropped in value, the price of gold rose, and vice versa. But in recent months, they've both been moving up together. And more gains may be coming.

China, Gold, the Dollar and the Dow

With the markets off their recent highs and volatility picking up, investors have to ask: Is this just a brief dip in the uptrend, or a more ominous change of trend?