U.S. Federal Reserve

Fed Holds Off On Further Actions To Help Economy

The Federal Reserve is holding off on any new actions to help the economy because stronger growth is giving it time to gauge the impact of steps it's already taken. Fed policymakers made the announcement after a two-day meeting.

Fear Is Rising, but Stocks Are Looking Cheap

Plenty of good news may be getting overlooked in a market gripped by one form anxiety after another. That pervasive fear has investors crowding into government bonds. It could also create a good window to get into undervalued stocks.

Fed: Outlook 'Unusually Uncertain'

In testimony on Capitol Hill, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said that the central bank is ready to act in an economy that is "unusually uncertain." Bernanke's comments seem to have spooked the markets, which dropped precipitously as he spoke before reversing course.

The Fed Sees a Slower Economic Recovery

The minutes from its June meeting raise some warning flags about growth and unemployment. Still, the Fed's latest forecasts are just slightly more pessimistic, and it has ruled out taking any further stimulus actions -- at least for now.

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