Fear of Higher Taxes Sends More Americans Abroad

Three times as many Americans renounced their citizenship in 2009 as in 2008, and so many are eager to do so for tax reasons, that in some U.S. embassies there's a waiting list to escape from the clutches of Uncle Sam.

Legal Briefing: Federal Recognition and Rights for Gay Marriages

The Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) bars federal recognition of same sex marriages, which means that legally married gay couples cannot get the same federal benefits as heterosexual married couples including social security benefits. At the time of the lawsuit, over 1000 federal benefits were tied to marital status.

Why Is Broadview Security Scaring the Hell Out of Us?

Using sex in advertising is a tried and true way to sell a product. But one company is betting that fear may be just as effective. Broadview Security (formerly branded as Brinks Home Security) has been airing ads that feature a series of scenarios that play on women's darkest fears.