Two and a Half Men

Good Riddance: Warner Bros. Finally Cuts Off Charlie Sheen

Warner Bros. finally had enough of Sheen's antics. The producers figured that the show's star -- who was reportedly paid nearly $2 million an episode --- was no longer worth the considerable trouble he created. Still, the move is a financial risk.

Where Charlie's Meltdown Is Fuel for Business

While painful (for most folks) to watch, the actor's explosion has created a bonanza for the tabloid mill. But on a broader level, Sheen has also offers a potential shot in the arm for companies across the spectrum, from media to pharmaceuticals.

Is Charlie Sheen Insurable? His Career May Depend on It

Whether Sheen can resurrect his faltering career may depend on something as mundane as an insurance physical. Hollywood producers won't shoot a frame of film nor a second of video without insurance policies on their cast members in case they can't do their jobs.

Why Did Hanes Take So Long to Dump Sheen?

It's no surprise that Hanesbrands has finally cut ties with actor Charlie Sheen in the wake of the domestic violence charges against him. But we're all left wondering: Why did it take them so long -- and why did they pair him with basketball legend Michael Jordan in the first place?

What Tiger Can Learn from Charlie

Charlie Sheen's domestic troubles may have taking the tabloids' glaring eye off Tiger Woods, but it won't help the golfer much. Sheen may emerge from the doghouse quickly, but Tiger's in for a long slog: The difference between them? Sheen, for all his well-known flaws, is simply more likable.