Ex-CEO Says Twitter Has Plenty of Money in the Bank

Amid rumors that Twitter is considering pursuing another round of venture funding, the microblogging site's co-founder Evan Williams said his company has "a lot of money in the bank," and that its advertising efforts are paying off better than expected.

Crossed Signals: Social Media Betwixt Boss and Staff

CNN firing Octavia Nasr over her Tweet on a cleric in Lebanon is the latest high-profile controversy regarding social media. The dust-ups show the difficulties many corporate cultures have as their employees embrace new ways of communicating.

Twitter breaks the verb barrier

It may be reducing us all to a bunch of semi-literate, hashtag-spewing teenagers, but Twitter's influence on the English language can't be ignored,...

Lose your job in a single Tweet!

Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook can be a fun way to share your opinion on everything from lunch to popular television show Lost....