Borders' Bid for B&N Will Go Nowhere Fast

When Barnes & Noble announced it was looking for a buyer, we entertained the fanciful notion that its smaller rival, struggling book retailer Borders, might put in a bid. As absurd as the idea was, that buyout offer has been made. Here's why it has virtually no chance of succeeding.

Bankruptcy Plan for Tribune Collapses

So much for the hope of a relatively quick and painless exit from bankruptcy for Tribune Co. A reorganization plan that would have turned over control of the Chicago-based media conglomerate to lenders including JP Morgan Chase & Co. has reportedly fallen apart after an independent examiner's report led various creditors to reassess the strength of their claims.

Demand Media's Dumbest How-To Content

How much quality content can a penny buy? I trolled Demand Media's to answer that question. Here's my collection of the dumbest articles published by the company, which recently filed for an IPO.

No TV news anchors?

Tribune Co.'s Chief Executive Randy Michaels has some interesting ideas on how to remake the 163-year-old news company, including television news...

Sam Zell Is No Longer Troubled Tribune's CEO

Sorry, Tribune Co. employees. After everything you've been through in the past two years, you won't get to witness the one thing that might, in some small way, make up for it -- the spectacle of Sam Zell getting fired as CEO. He removed himself from the post, and he's staying on as chairman.

Tribune and Sam Zell: Good riddance

That popping sound you hear issuing from newsrooms around the country? It's the sound of thousands of champagne bottles being opened to toast the...