Tony Hayward

Former BP CEO Hayward Considers Career Options

Former BP (BP) CEO Tony Hayward is considering several career options since losing his job in the wake of the Gulf oil disaster. Hayward is involved in the formation of a small company registered as 3E Capital, The Daily Telegraph reported. Hayward is listed as a director in the company, holding 100 shares.

Hayward Says BP Was Not Prepared for Gulf Oil Disaster

Tony Hayward, former CEO of BP Plc (BP) said that the company was not prepared for the Gulf oil spill or the media attention that went with it. In an interview with BBC News to be broadcast today, Hayward said that BP%u2019s emergency planning was lacking and the company was "making it up day to day".

BP Sells Operations in Colombia for $1.9 Billion

BP, which needs to raise funds to help clean up the worst oil spill in U.S. history, said Tuesday it will sell its operations in Colombia for $1.9 billion to Ecopetrol and the Canadian company Talisman. Ecopetrol is the largest oil company in Colombia.

Is Bob Dudley the Guy to Remake BP's Culture?

BP's board appears to be saying yes. They're betting the American who has become the face of BP's Gulf Oil spill cleanup has the right stuff to not only end that nightmare but to lead an overhaul of BP's corporate culture to one that stresses safety as well profits.

Apple's BP Moment: Will Steve Jobs Stop the iPhone Damage?

Apple has hurriedly called a press conference Friday to address the iPhone 4's antenna problems. But Jobs & Co. may have a BP problem -- it urgently needs to address the phone's defect candidly and restore its customers' confidence.

The Other Cleanup BP Must Work On -- Its Management

When voices such as The Financial Times and Warren Buffett call for an overhaul of top management, including Chairman Svanberg and CEO Hayward, it's time to listen. BP has little chance to regain investors' confidence until it does so.

BP's Hayward in Middle East; Investment Rumors Fly

Embattled BP CEO Tony Hayward traveled to Abu Dhabi to meet business partners, with rumors flying that the company is seeking to raise funds to help the company pay for the clean up operation in the Gulf of Mexico. Hayward arrived in the Emirati capital on Tuesday and plans to stay "a couple of days", company spokesman Andrew Gowers told The Associated Press. Gowers declined to comment on whether or not Hayward would be meeting with investment funds.

BP Management May Be Out Next Month

BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg may be ousted as early as next month, primarily because he was so late in participating publicly in the oil company's Gulf disaster response, The Financial Times reports. The same report says that CEO Tony Hayward is hanging on to his position because of board support. But he may be forced to resign in August as well.

One Gulf Shrimper's Tale of BP Oil Spill Woe

Shrimper John T. Christmas probably would have had a good year were it not for the BP oil spill. Now, the 60-year-old from Tarpon Springs, Fla., and thousands like him who have made their livings on the Gulf of Mexico, are wondering if they'll have any future at all in the wake of the spill.

BP Taps Mississippi Native to Lead Oil Spill Efforts

BP announced on Wednesday that Bob Dudley has replaced CEO Tony Hayward as the person in charge of the oil giant%u2019s long-term response to capping the leaking deep-water oil well in the Gulf of Mexico and cleaning up the environmental damage.

PR Lessons from the Top: Hayward's Biggest Gaffes

Tony Hayward's Ph.D. in geology didn't prepare him for dealing with the press. Still, since BP's Gulf oil spill began April 20, the famously gaffe-prone CEO has illustrated several key lessons in crisis PR management.

BP's Oil Spill Is Fouling Public Pension Funds

The drop in BP's share price has erased more than $1.4 billion in fund value at 42 state retirement accounts. This comes at a time when pension funds are still struggling to recover from last year's market losses.

Yes, BP CEO Tony Hayward Has Defenders

Hard to believe, but the most hated man in America does have fans on the other side of the Atlantic. And they believe the U.S. media and political officials are unfairly blaming the 53-year-old Brit for the worst oil spill in U.S. history.

Is It Time to Buy BP Stock?

Despite a week of miserable news from BP, the week closed with the stock up TK%. So is it time to buy shares? DailyFinance's Dan Burrows explains why there could be upside potential ahead.

BP's Hayward: 'I Wasn't Involved' in Rig Decisions

The embattled CEO stuck to his script Thursday, expression contrition and offering empathy. But when pressed for details and explanations, he wouldn't go beyond: "I think it's too early to reach conclusions."

BP's CEO Should Get No Pay This Year

BP CEO Tony "I'd like my life back" Hayward should cough up his 2009 compensation -- awarded for hitting safety and cost-reduction targets -- and be paid nothing this year. And the oil giant's board should go for failing to manage Hayward and hold him accountable.

BP's Hayward Offers Few Answers to Congress

"I understand people want a simple answer about why this happened and who is to blame," BP CEO Tony Hayward said in his prepared remarks. "The truth, however, is that this is a complex accident, caused by an unprecedented combination of failures."

BP's CEO on the Hot Seat Over Gulf Oil Spill

BP CEO Tony Hayward will be grilled before Congress Thursday, nearly two months into the Gulf Oil spill. Hayward is expected to express empathy toward the victims, but lawmakers predict he's in for a "very unpleasant" hearing.