Tiger Woods

Nike's Rory McIlroy Deal Soars Far Past Tiger Woods' Old Contract

On Monday, Nike announced that it had inked a new contract with Tiger Woods' heir apparent, golf's new No. 1 player, Rory McIlroy, in a deal that dwarfs Tiger's. Rumors put its value at between $100 million and $250 million. Here's why Nike is going all in on the Irish prodigy.

Pop Quiz: What Were the Most Expensive Affairs in History?

The recent revelation of Gen. David Petraeus' affair cost him a promising political career. But in the grand history of marital infidelity, it barely warrants a footnote. If you want to see where Petraeus ranks when it comes to expensive affairs, take our quiz.

Is ESPN Charging a Tax on Every U.S. Household?

The next time you find yourself bellyaching over your expanding monthly cable bill, don't blame your provider. Blame ESPN, the biggest offender when it comes to basic cable, setting distributors back $4.69 a month for every subscriber.

Celebrity Marriages: They Should Have Gotten the Prenup

"To leave hundreds of millions of dollars vulnerable does not seem like a wise choice," says one matrimonial lawyer. Still, many of the rich and famous keep heading down the aisle without a prenup. It's a choice some eventually live to regret.

Your Brain and Tiger Woods: Impressive... and Embarrassing

A marvel of natural talent and technical training; impressive in its achievements, seemingly well-suited for its tasks, but nonetheless prone to embarrassing stunts with disconcerting frequency. Here are some notable ways our brains can trip us up, with respect to investing. Learn to avoid the hazards -- unlike Tiger.

New Tiger Woods Video Game Sets Sales Record

Tiger Woods may not have won a PGA tournament in nearly two years, and his last attempt to take home a green jacket from the Masters was a bust, but the virtual Tiger is on a roll: "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters" has broken all sales records for the Electronic Arts franchise.

Tiger Woods-Branded Luxury Development in Dubai Halted

Construction of Tiger Woods Dubai, a high-end residential complex that was to be built around a championship-caliber golf course, has been halted because of poor market conditions in the Middle Eastern emirate, Bloomberg News reported, citing developer Dubai Properties.

Meet Golf's Most Powerful Person. It's Not Tiger Woods

Eric Affeldt has been ranked higher than both Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus. Not when it comes to the world's top golfers, but on Golf Inc.'s ranking. Affeldt is CEO of ClubCorp, which owns or operates more than 150 golf and country clubs, business clubs, sports clubs, alumni clubs and resorts.

Tiger Woods: Still Winning in the Sponsorship Game

Despite Tiger Woods' recent golf fumbles and lurid sexual revelations, the golfer never lost his ability to sell stuff. Corporate sponsors have long tolerated athletes' bad behavior, and Woods is too big a star for them to stay away.

Tiger Woods' Divorce Settlement: $100 Million?

There are divorce settlements, then there's the Tiger Woods -- Elin Nordegren divorce settlement. From $750 million rumors to a more likely, but tstill stupendous, figure of $100 million, here's the scoop on what Elin will get and how to spend it.

Tiger Woods Divorce: Elin Gets $750 Million

Philandering golf great Tiger Woods will pay soon-to-be ex-wife Elin Nordegren an eye-popping $750 million as part of a divorce settlement, according to report published in the U.K. newspaper The Sun. It's the richest payout ever for a celebrity divorce.

Oprah Tops Forbes' 'Most Powerful Celebrity' List

Oprah Winfrey is the most powerful celebrity in America. So says Forbes whicH looks at entertainers, athletes, models, spoRts figures, and TV personality based on "a measure of entertainment-related earnings and media visibility (exposure in print, television, radio and online).

Do celebs influence tax policy?

When Clark Gable famously took off his shirt in the 1934 film, It Happened One Night, to reveal a bare chest, sales of undershirts reportedly...

Top celebrity spokesperson fiascos

It may have come a little late for Tiger Woods, who found many of his endorsement deals dropped like a ton of bricks amid the never-ending...

Nike's New Tiger Woods Ad: A Mercenary, Creepy...Hit?

I was sure that the American people, would watch the new Nike ad starring Tiger Woods and the disembodied, misappropriated voice of his dead father and be properly disgusted. In fact, the commercial seems to have improved perception of both the golfer and the sports-apparel company.

Nike's New Tiger Woods Ad: A Mercenary, Creepy Misfire

Nike wanted to accelerate the public rehabilitation of Tiger Woods with a new ad featuring the voice of the golfer's deceased father. Instead, it has made its star endorser even more alien, mercenary and unsympathetic than before.

EA Swings at a New Market with Tiger Woods Game

Electronic Arts launches an online version of its Tiger Woods PGA Tour game the same week that the world-famous golfer returns to the links for the Masters Tournament. So far, the beta has attracted a new generation of gamers for the company -- the over-40 crowd.

Tiger's Return Isn't All That's Lifting Callaway Golf

Superstar golfer Tiger Woods's return has already given Callaway a bump, and some analysts point to other factors in its favor. Among them: some solid business fundamentals and plenty of speculation about a Callaway becoming a takeover target.

Tiger Gets No Mention on Nike Earnings Call

Amid a flurry of chatter about Tiger Wood's expected comeback, one of his prime sponsors, Nike, remained conspicuously silent on the subject during its earnings call Wednesday.

Tiger's Return to Golf Will Be Broadcast in 3-D

Cable giant Comcast will broadcast Tiger Woods's return to golf at the Masters in 3-D -- a first for a major sporting event. But if you don't want to spring for the special hardware, CBS will be offering traditional 2-D coverage, and either way, viewership is expected to be huge.