See How One Family Lives Well On $20,000 a Year

NBC's Today profiles one American family living just above the poverty line, but quite happily and comfortably. Watch author and self-professed cheapskate Jeff Yeager's take on such extreme thriftiness to see if you can learn anything from Jennifer and Michael, who claim to have found a simpler, more satisfying existence.

The Frugal Auteur: How Roger Corman Makes Cheap Great

What's the cheapest thing B-movie maestro Roger Corman ever did in the movie biz? Find out in our interview with the penny-pinching master of the low-budget film, who's in Cannes to promote a documentary about himself, "Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel."

Obama, Geithner Target Loan Help To Worst-Hit Areas

As part of an effort to redirect TARP funds from Wall Street to Main Street, the Treasury Department Wednesday announced a program that will help local financial institutions get more loans out to people and businesses in the communities hardest hit by the recession.

The return of repairs!

I used to be intimidated about bringing clothes to the seamstress at The Common Thread, a tailoring shop located in an upscale shopping/tourist...

The yard sale addict comes prepared

This is it, friends,the kickoff of the season. It's just before 7AM as I write this post, the sun is glaring in my face here on Cape Cod, and my yard...

The death of thrift

Open any cookbook published before, say, 1965. The recipes all make mention of how to make the dish cheaply, using affordable cuts of meat, and...