The Social Network

Mark Zuckerberg's 6 Secrets for Success Revealed

Facebook's initial public offering has focused yet another spotlight on its founder, Mark Zuckerberg. But beyond the IPO hoopla, there's another, quieter story to be found in the wunderkind CEO -- the lessons that can be gleaned from his life.

As Facebook Files for Its IPO, a Look Back

On Thursday, Facebook finally filed for its IPO. As the site that made it possible for you to reconnect with your third-grade girlfriend moves into the next phase of its life, we decided to look back at some of the high points in Facebook's brief but captivating history.

Is Facebook Finally Ready to IPO?

Facebook may finally be ready to go public in the second quarter of 2012. At an estimated valuation of $100 billion, the social networking giant is probably no longer a ground-floor opportunity -- but could even that number be too low?

Starz Falls Out With Netflix: Who Will Take Advantage?

The Netflix Goliath was seriously weakened this week when Starz said it will pull its content from the company's streaming feed in February: Is it time for the industry Davids such as Redbox, Blockbuster and Amazon to pull out their slingshots?

The Social Network Finds Friends at the Box Office

The new movie about Mark Zuckerberg and the launching of Facebook racked up $23 million in its first weekend. Hardly a record, but considering the flick spotlights a geek who started a website, it's not too shabby.

500 Million Friends -- and 'a Few Enemies'

The hugely popular and often controversial social network will likely announce this week that it has reached a half-billion users. To mark the occasion, it's launching a celebration of its users. But a not-so-flattering movie will also soon be out.

Facebook, the Movie:
The Geek as Arch-Villain

Leave it to Hollywood to portray a college-age computer geek as an uber-villain. But that seems to be the intended effect of the newly released trailer for the upcoming movie, "The Social Network," which tells the story of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook.