Stock Picking

Monkey Business: The Top 3 Stock-Picking Primates

With Friday's opening of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, we think it's a good time to consider the man vs. primate war on another front: stock picking. Here's a look at some of the best primate stock pickers in recent history.

Beyond the Meal, Should You Buy P.F. Chang's Stock?

Asian food is growing in popularity, but casual dining is on a downward slide. Caught in the middle, chain restaurant P.F. Chang's could go either way. Here's a look at a stock that seems promising, but may be a bad bet.

The Return of the Dreaded (and Dreadful) Stock Pickers

Market turbulence and economic uncertainty create fear and anxiety among investors. Unfortunately, many turn to advice freely dispensed by self-styled investment gurus -- who claim they can predict the direction of the markets or pick outperforming stocks.

Can Motley Fool's Stock Picker Tap Wisdom of Crowds?

Popular investing site The Motley Fool has patented a system it believes can predict stock performance. Called Motley Fool CAPS, it taps the collective brainpower of more than 170,000 investors. Based on its performance over the past five years, it appears to work. But can it really?

10 Best Stock Picks of the 10 Richest Hedge Funds

The smartest money on Wall Street may be at the top hedge funds, whose investment managers are paid billions a year to beat the market. Those gurus only take big money clients, but you can follow their lead: DailyFinance has the 10 best stock picks of the 10 highest-paid hedge fund managers.

Who's the Best Stock Picker? Goldman Sachs

Everybody's favorite firm to hate -- Goldman Sachs -- really is the smartest money on Wall Street. The investment bank's analysts have landed at No. 1 on Bloomberg Markets' ranking of the "World's Best Financial Stock Pickers."

Investors, Here's What Not to Buy: The Pundits' Advice

Investing is a jungle, and most of the so-called experts who get quoted in the media are on the prowl with a simple purpose -- to give you a reason to trade. But they don't know much more than you do, and all their arguments ignore a basic reality: The market is now controlled by short-term traders.

How the Media and Wall Street Create Fake Stock Gurus

The financial media loves to pluck struggling analysts from obscurity and propel them to fame on the backs of a few good calls, then shoot them full of arrows at them when their predictions start to fail. And inevitably, those so-called gurus will fail. Here's why.

Three Contrarian Stock Picks for 2011

If you're tired of watching your stocks go up and down this year without making any firm gains, consider putting some money into a contrarian investment strategy. It's riskier, but the payoff can be big. Contrarian fund manager Don Hodges offers three unconventionally good stock picks.

Face-Off on Stocks: BP, Nokia, Hewlett-Packard

With so many blue-chips beaten down so mercilessly in this season of selling, some buys must be out there, no? Here's a look at three potentials: BP, Nokia and Hewlett-Packard. Are they cheap -- or cheap for a reason?

Take the Seinfeld Approach to Market Volatility and Do Nothing

Market turmoil always brings out "experts" dispensing bad advice on what you should do with your money immediately. But if you've stuck to sound investment basics -- appropriate allocations in low-cost index funds -- you should just sit tight and do nothing.

Masters' Select: Diversification -- with Risks

The Masters' Select Equity Fund, managed by Jeremy DeGroot, aims to take a big decision off your hands by investing across five investment styles and cap sizes. But an investor in this fund would be exposed to one big risk -- active stock picking.

Five Stocks That Might Beat the Market This Year

It sure is tough, but some stock-pickers have managed to consistently outperform the S&P 500. One such pro is Mark Boyer, who every year culls 40 stocks with the potential to beat the benchmark index. Here are his top five picks for 2010.

How to Avoid the 10 Biggest Investing Mistakes

The securities industry is always coming up with the "latest and greatest" way to make a quick buck. But almost all of such vehicles are structured to benefit brokers and money managers. Investors wind up getting relegated to their usual status as victims with no redress.

Blogger's Dumb Luck Stock Index Ranks in Top 1%

The index that DailyFinance's Daniel Solin created based on stocks that started with the letters in his last name would have ranked among the top 1% of mutual funds, if it existed. The message: Don't trust investing pros who confuse skill with luck. Index mutual funds are still your best bet.

Stocks Should Pass Four Tests to Be Winners

In the last decade, all the stock indexes plunged, costing investors $2.5 trillion in lost wealth. Yet people keep buying stocks. To make sure you pick a winner like Amazon instead of a dud like AIG in the next decade, there are four key tests a stock should pass.