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JPMorgan's 'London Whale' Losses May Hit $9 Billion

JPMorgan Chase & Co is under renewed scrutiny in the wake of a The New York Times report that losses from a bungled credit-derivatives trade could be as much as $9 billion, much more than earlier estimated.

Drugstore Markups Are Worse Than You'd Imagine

It's happened to all of us. You head into the drugstore to grab some aspirin or toothpaste and you walk out carrying a bag stuffed with impulse items -- even groceries. Those impulse buys will cost you -- a lot: A new report from finds drugstore prices average more than 36% higher than supermarket prices.

Logistics Provider LINC Hopes to Deliver a $115 million IPO

Outsourcing logistics to specialists is an ever-more popular, and cost efficient, move in corporate America -- and the sector is poised to grow further. One top firm in the field, LINC Logistics, is optimistic enough about the future that it has filed for a $115 million IPO.