Phony $1,000 Target Gift Card is the Scam of the Year

A fake contest for a $1,000 Target gift card has been declared 2012's "Scam of the Year" by online complaint resolution platform Scambook. Most victims of this "smishing" con haven't lost any money - yet. But the bad news for those who fell for it is, the trouble has only just begun.

Top 10 Looming Computer Security Threats of 2012

Cyber-security no longer means only protecting your computer from ne'er-do-wells. Hackers are cracking codes on all sorts of devices and getting sneaky about breaking into everything from cell phones to car systems.

Why Facebook Could Be Worth $125 Billion

A new report from financial research firm Trefis says Facebook's value could rocket to $125 billion. A new monetization plan that lets advertisers "sponsor" your actions on Facebook could give Facebook a huge new revenue stream and contribute to that lofty valuation.

Meet Blekko, the Latest Upstart Search Engine

Rich Skrenta thinks he has built a better search engine. This week, he's launching Blekko, whose web searches will only accept information from curated lists of trusted sites, mediated by users to filter out irrelevant results. But can Blekko compete with Google and Bing?

Russia Investigates Alleged Spam Kingpin

Russia%u2019s police may have cut down the amount of spam in your inbox by opening an investigation of an alleged spam kingpin. Russian officials began the investigation of Igor A. Gusev Tuesday, The New York Times reported. Officials said Gusev likely fled the country.

Google Rolls Out Gmail 'Priority Inbox' to Fight Email Overload

Google has announced an upgrade to its popular Gmail service called "Priority Inbox," which aims to learn which emails are most important to you, and surfaces those to the top of your email queue. As email arrives, you can mark it more or less important. Thus, over time Gmail will "learn" which emails are most important to you.

Famous people make great spam bait

Internet security firm McAfee recently released its January 2010 spam report which included a summation of the 2009 spam world. Included was a list...