Sony Music Entertainment

Why Sony 'Accidentally' Gouged Whitney's U.K. Fans

The death of Whitney Houston found nostalgic fans rushing to buy the music icon's catalog of digital works, which means a bittersweet payday for her label Sony Music. But a gaffe overseas is making Sony out to look like a greedy opportunist.

How My Dancing Kid Joined YouTube's Copyright Wars

When DailyFinance reporter Jon Berr's wife posted a brief video on YouTube of their 3-year-old son dancing to Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger," she never expected to become part of the complex fight over copyright and fair use on the Internet. Then came the warning email.

Sony Dumps J.Lo: End of the Superstar Era?

Just days before Jennifer Lopez was slated to serve as host and musical guest on 'Saturday Night Live,' Sony Music Entertainment has dropped her from its Epic subsidiary. Is this the end of the superstar era in the record industry?