Companies Pitching Lofty Ideals in Ads?

The Nike Foundation and Liberty Mutual recently took top honors at The World Business Academy's EthicMark Awards, which recognize advertising that "uplifts the human spirit and society." The winning companies have hit the pulse of a modern necessity -- that people (including corporate management) be about something more than just the latest trend.

More Retirement Plans Get a Conscience

Americans may soon get the opportunity to invest more conscientiously in their workplace retirement accounts: A new survey shows that more and more employers are adding socially responsible investment choices to their plans, screening companies based on social and environmental impact.

How to Do Well and Do Good: Invest in Local Businesses

When it comes to money, it can be hard to choose between "doing good" -- say, by donating to charity -- and "doing well" -- deploying it to earn more money, say, by buying stock. But there are ways to combine both ideals, and one is by putting your money where your town is.

Impact Investing: Making Your Money Count

For some time, investors who wanted to put their money where their morals were have chosen socially responsible investing -- steering their cash away from firms whose practices they disapproved of. Now comes impact investing, which uses invested funds to solve social or environmental goals and earn competitive returns, too.

Socially responsible investing matures

An article in The Wall Street Journal looks at the changing face of socially responsible investing.Socially responsible investment funds generally...