Sidney Harman

U.S. News Magazine Exits the Print Business

US News is not for sale. Wealthy owner Mort Zuckerman wants to keep the magazine, he just does not want to print it, so the publication will go completely online next year. December will be the magazine's last issue.

A Newsweek-Daily Beast Deal Made No Sense From the Get-Go

Combining Newsweek and the Daily Beast wouldn't have been as big of a debacle as New Coke, but it would have been awfully close. None of the voluminous media reports ever made it clear how combining the organizations would allow them to become profitable.

Newsweek's Limited Future Under Sidney Harman

The Washington Post Co. got what just it wanted in the deal: Someone else to take the blame for killing Newsweek. Of all the bidders, the 91-year-old audio-gear mogul is least likely to make the kinds of changes the venerable magazine would need to survive in the long term.