Second Life

'Second Life' Inventors Expanding Gaming Universe

In August, the Second Life community learned that the company responsible for their virtual world was planning to expand its universe. Linden Lab CEO Rod Humble has been vague, mentioning only that his company is working on a new mobile product separate from its pioneering project. Now we know more.

Will a New SEC Rule Bring Democracy to the Boardroom?

How much power should shareholders have when it comes to running a company? Usually, the answer is 'very little'. But a new rule change by the SEC may change that, allowing the people who actually own a company more input into how it is run.

Intel and Nokia's Dream of 3-D on Smartphones

Intel and Nokia are partnering on a lab to explore 3-D technologies, which already are popular in games and movies. The companies believe consumers will want similar vivid imaging and interactive experiences while using their smartphones.

Second Life Owner Linden Lab to Lay Off 30% of Its Workers

Linden Lab, the owner of virtual world pioneer Second Life,is cutting 30% of its workforce, the company announced Wednesday. The privately held company, once a closely watched IPO candidate, has been struggling to attract more consumers to its virtual shores and enticing them to stay.

Facebook Aims to Rock the Vote in the U.K.

In a move to combat declining voter turnout, U.K. election officials are teaming up with Facebook: On Saturday, visitors to the social networking site in the U.K. will be asked if they're registered voters; those who say no will soon find themselves at the Electoral Commission's Web site being encouraged to register.

Real money lost in a pretend world

Players of the Second Life game may have lost up to $750,000 (real money) to people in the online game (pretend world). Second Life is an elaborate...