CEOs Who Laid Off More Got Paid 42% More Money

CEOs who cut the most jobs during the recession earned an average of 42% more than their S&P 500 peers, according to a study by the Institute for Policy Studies. Top execs at the 50 firms that laid off the most workers since the economic crisis began averaged nearly $12 million in 2009.

Legal Briefing: U.S. Targets More Rich Tax Cheats

Now that they are nearly done squeezing Swiss bank UBS for information about its wealthy tax-dodging clients, the IRS and the Justice Department are moving on to new tax fraud targets: Clients of London-based bank HSBC Holdings, mostly those with ties to India and Singapore.

Legal Briefing: Drug Cartels Used Wachovia to Launder Money

In the legal news today, Wachovia has agreed to pay a huge penalty for lax financial arrangements that enabled Mexican drug cartels to launder money and former-Met Lenny Dystra claims Washington Mutual enticed him to borrow more money than he could afford.

Merck Surges on Vaccine Hopes, Analyst Optimism

Merck shares rose more than 6% in two days as investors reacted to an analyst's upgrade and news that the drugmaker is trying to broaden the market for its human papillomavirus/cervical cancer vaccine, Gardasil.

Feds Scrutinize Deals Delaying Generic Drugs

The Feds -- and consumers -- may finally have had it with 'pay-for-delay.' In these deals, generic drug companies that challenge a patent held by a name-brand pharmaceuticals agree to settle by delaying their entry into the market in return for a payment. But regulators are now calling for laws to end the practice.

Merck experiences heart failure

Major drug companies are declining more than the general market today, but none like Merck & Co. (MRK). Merck's shares dropped 2.5 percent on...