Can You Profit from Obama's New Energy Policy?

Last week, President Obama outlined a new energy policy that aims to reduce America's dependence on foreign oil by using more natural gas, wind and solar power, and encouraging manufacturers to build more fuel-efficient cars. But how can patient investors capitalize on these trends?

Stocks Are Becoming the Only Game in Town

Equities have finally put up decent-enough returns on the year to make the paltry yields on bonds almost impossible to tolerate. With rates so low now, more and more investors are moving from fixed income and back into the stock market.

Global Giants Hiding on the Pink Sheets

With few exceptions, investors should run screaming from any stock quoted on the Pink Sheets. But not every stock being traded over the counter is a dud. In fact, some of them are top-notch global companies investors would be wise to consider. Here's a look at some of the best.

Stocks Slump on China Rate Hike Fears

Stocks and commodities fell sharply Friday amid anxiety that China will hike interest rates to keep its economy from overheating. The Dow Jones Industrial Average shed 91 points. Gold and oil prices likewise plunged.

Large-Cap Tech Stocks May Be Running Too Fast

Large-cap technology shares have been among the market's best performers. Will the recent momentum feed on itself, or has this breathtaking bull run set the stage for a corrrection of some sort? Here's the case for the latter.