Ron Burkle

B&N Buyout Bid Is a Bet Against Amazon, Apple

Liberty Media, the conglomerate controlled by John Malone, made a $1 billion bid Thursday to buy Barnes & Noble. The bricks-and-mortar bookstore business is declining everywhere, so for Malone's gamble is to pay off, the Nook will have to gain some ground against Apple's iPad and Amazon's Kindle.

Barnes & Noble Shareholders Rubber-Stamp Poison Pill

Back in September, billionaire Ron Burkle lost his proxy war with Barnes & Noble's board, failing to kill the poison pill that kept him from upping his stake in the company. That made Wednesday's shareholders meeting all but a formality. But what's next for the nation's largest bookseller?

How a New SEC Rule Could Help Ron Burkle Gain Control of B&N

Barnes & Noble successfully defended itself in a proxy fight with billionaire Ron Burkle, who wants to gain control over the troubled bookseller. But Burkle hasn't given up, and a new SEC "shareholder access" rule could help in his quest.

Is the Barnes & Noble Brawl Over Now? Probably Not

A bitter and extended proxy fight climaxed at Tuesday's shareholder meeting. In the end, B&N Chairman Riggio's defeat of dissident shareholder Burkle was more fait accompli than 11th-hour surprise. And it served far more to raise questions than provide answers.

B&N's Proxy Fight Grows Even More Divisive

The 33% of independent shareholders are relying on proxy advisory firms to recommend which slate of directors to vote for. But those firms are as split as the main adversaries, B&N Chairman Len Riggio and dissident shareholder Ron Burkle.

Barnes & Noble Stock Gets Downgraded as Proxy Battle Looms

With less than two weeks to go in the bitter proxy contest between Barnes & Noble founder Leonard Riggio and billionaire Ron Burkle, one key analyst has changed his outlook on the company's stock for the worse and a leading proxy advisory firm has sided with the Riggio camp.

Burkle Says He's Not After Control of B&N

Investor Ron Burkle, who's embroiled in a proxy fight at Barnes & Noble, says he doesn't want control of the bookseller. His Yucaipa Companies owns 18.8% of the company and claims in a letter that he wants Chairman Leonard Riggio's hold on Barnes & Noble broken.

Barnes & Noble Kicks Off Proxy Fight With Burkle

Barnes & Noble's board has sent a letter to shareholders urging them to vote to rebuff investor Ron Burkle's battle to control the bookseller. The letter is part of annual-meeting materials B&N mailed to shareholders, formally launching its proxy battle.

Barnes & Noble's Founder Digs in for Proxy Fight

Ron Burkle may have drawn first blood in the proxy fight that now looks all but inevitable at Barnes & Noble's annual shareholders meeting next month, but founder and chairman Leonard Riggio is not about to back down. In fact, Riggio's increasing his stock holdings and staying on the board of directors ballot while two others vacate their seats.

Ron Burkle, Barnes & Noble Hit a Snag

Barnes & Noble and its second-largest shareholder, billionaire Ron Burkle, appears to be over. The two camps have reached a settlement that would give Burkle three board seats in exchange for dropping his lawsuit against the bookseller.

Disney Demands $40 Million Deposit on Miramax Sale

Walt Disney is calling on its Miramax suitor to pay up a nonrefundable $40 million deposit towards its purchase of the movie studio. A consortium of buyers led by California construction mogul Ron Tutor is currently conducting due diligence on the $675 million deal.

Barnes & Noble Fights Big Investor in Court

The ongoing battle between Barnes & Noble and its second-largest shareholder, Ron Burkle, has recently escalated. Things have gotten so bad that both sides have now landed in the courtroom.

Why Going Private Could Be Barnes & Noble's Best Bet

With its stock plunging and the trial between key shareholder Ron Burkle and top company executives about to take place in court, signs point ever more clearly to the possibility that Barnes & Noble will go private. And that just might be the best step for the company to take.

New Twist in Miramax Sale: Rob Lowe Wants In

Just when the saga of Disney's (DIS) attempt to sell financially troubled production company Miramax seemed to be settled, a new twist has added an unlikely suitor into the wings: actor Rob Lowe.

Burkle Sues Barnes & Noble Over Poison Pill

Billionaire Ron Burkle, founder of Yucaipa Cos., is suing Barnes & Noble in an attempt to derail the "poison pill" measure the bookseller adopted last year to prevent his hostile takeover attempt.

Burkle Fights Barnes & Noble's Rejection

Billionaire Ron Burkle is still fighting Barnes & Noble's rejection of his bid to buy up a mountain of stock late last year, complaining in a letter to the board filed with the SEC that the board is trying to protect the financial interests of chairman Leonard Riggio and CEO Steve Riggio.

Barnes & Noble Denies Ron Burkle More Stock

Ron Burkle is once again a stockholder scorned, his latest attempt to get a better foothold in Barnes & Noble's stock denied. The book retailer's board responded that "there is absolutely no basis whatsoever for the allegations made."

Ron Burkle Sets His Sights on Barnes & Noble

Billionaire investor Ron Burkle has set his sights on Barnes & Noble. He wants a 37% share in the book retailer, but poison pill rules limit his maneuvering room. So he's fired off a letter to the board seeking a rule change.

As Layoffs Loom, Borders Group CEO Hits the Exit

Borders CEO Ron Marshall is leaving the company to become CEO of the supermarket chain A&P. Marshall leaves after less than a year at the company, which just posted poor holiday earnings and is facing substantial layoffs.

An Antidote to Barnes & Nobles' Poison Pill?

When billionaire Ron Burkle went on a Barnes & Noble stock buying spree late last year, the bookseller responded with a "poison pill" measure to prevent a hostile takeover. But another firm's stock buys suggest there's an alliance in the works that may hold the antidote to the poison.