Richard Branson

Delta Air Lines Buys 49 Percent Stake in Virgin Atlantic

Delta Air Lines said it will buy almost half of Virgin Atlantic for $360 million as it seeks a bigger share of the lucrative New York-to-London travel market. Landing rights at London's Heathrow Airport are limited, and the deal is a way for Delta to expand its foothold there.

Gevo: Richard Branson's New Age Chemical Company Goes Public

Gevo, part of Richard Branson's Virgin Group companies, went public this week on Nasdaq. The firm sold 7.15 million shares at $15 each, which was at the high end of its estimated range of $13 to $15. On its first day of trading, the stock shot up about 16%.

Kevin Smith's Latest Airline Complaint Stings Virgin America

First, the film director was removed from a Southwest Airlines flight for being too portly. Now, a Virgin America gate attendent refused to allow Smith and his companions to board a jet, even though there were still minutes before its jetway was closed.

Virgin Galactic Tests Suborbital Spaceship

Virgin Galactic, which aims to be the world%u2019s first commercial space carrier, successfully tested its suborbital spaceship, Enterprise. Enterprise made its first solo test flight in California on Sunday, BBC News reported. The spaceship was carried to 45,000 feet by a plane, then dropped to glide back to earth.

Virgin Group to Enter Hotel Industry

Virgin Group Ltd, founded by U.K. tycoon Richard Branson, plans enter the hotel industry. Virgin will spend as much as $500 million on high-end hotels aimed at "high income, well-educated, metropolitan 'creative class'" customers, Bloomberg News said. The company is scouting for locations in cities including New York, San Francisco and Miami.

On the brink: Playboy seeks a suitor

Playboy Enterprises Inc. (PLA) is every adolescent boy's fantasy -- and every shareholder's nightmare. Shares of Hugh Hefner's media empire have...

Virgin America causes fare-wars at LAX

God save the Queen! And Sir Richard Branson, too.I've long been a huge fan of his Virgin Atlantic, the British airline that flies nonstop to London...